A new site + blog

11 Dec A new site + blog

Bright and New Site

I was thinking of changing sites for quite some time now.

The previous one, although cute, bright and happy, I felt that it served its purpose and it was time to move on!
I have to admit that I did not do a lot of research regarding who was going to do the job. I knew Kostas Michalaros‘ talent and I believed to be a one-way street. I took my brief and off I went: I wanted something bright, minimal, user-friendly, SEO perfected, photography oriented, appealing, polished, professional, substantial… well, a girl got to get what she wants!

I wanted a site that was respecting wedding photographing like I do, to shout out about the happiness of that special day, about the joy of creating pictures with people in love, about the breathtaking beauty of pure emotions..

Kostas was extremely helpful, very creative and did not budge when he knew I was not… quite right…
And so, here we are: I have to say that I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished.
You are very welcome to stroll along its pages and drop me a note if you have suggestions, or just to say hi!
We have still things to add, portfolios to fill, ideas to present… but I consider this a wonderful start!

The blog will be renewed often with new material and I will happy to read your comments/questions/suggestions… and in case you have any wedding or photography subject that you wish me to give you my two cents, please let me know…

Fiorello Photography - New site

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