Autumn Christening in Athens Riviera

17 Sep Autumn Christening in Athens Riviera

Autumn Christening

Autumn Christening in Athens Riviera is an amazing experience both for family members and guests. Autumn in the South of Europe and mainly in  Greece is such a beautiful time of year! Especially in Athens Riviera. The weather is usually mild and the backdrops are breathtaking, frosted with fall colors and leaves.

This Autumn Christening theme had a unique central idea, lots of pumpkins and seasonal flowers. Peony and Porcelain Events team organized one of a kind christening for a very lucky boy. The trees were so vibrant and the horizon could make you sail away with a glance… Gorgeous surrounding indeed for the guests, the children and the family. But mostly it was a gift for the photographer’s eye!


Christening Reception

When you have a professional team like Peony and Porcelain Events, by your side, you just lay back and relax. They will create the best event & decoration ideas for your child’s christening. And between you and me, they will amaze you with all kinds of events! What do you need? Name it and they can provide it…

The flowers settings by Edem were little masterpieces and looked like they had popped out from a fairytale book. I was waiting for a fairytale Godmother to appear from just around the corner. Pumpkins that could make Tinkerbell giggle out of joy!

Always trust professionals for all important events in your life. You and your children will have vivid memories and thousands of photographs in family photo albums full of moments like these. Isn’t it better to have a perfect backdrop and excellent decoration in your beloved memories? Having a family photo album with Lifestyle Couples PhotosMaternity Photos, Wedding Photos and Christening Photos is a legacy for the following generations.


Island Art & Taste

Since 1995, the Island Art & Taste is delivering successfully it’s unique environment & services for precious and unforgettable events and occasions. It is one of the best locations on the Athens Riviera, the southern suburbs of Athens.

What makes it so special is the fact that it is harmoniously pairing with the exquisite aesthetics of both interior & exterior spaces of their event facility complex. The owners of this venue have put a lot of energy and effort to create an outstanding event venue. You can feel the passion for elegance and style.

In case you haven’t visit Island Art & Taste, save some free time before the event and enjoy a short walk next to the sea. During Fall, I suggest you stay outside as long as possible and admire the view! It is not only luxurious but it’s also friendly and cozy. Has a great natural lighting for outdoor photography sessions and dining.

Not to mention, there are endless alternative ideas for several kids activities and dancing. All parents will love you if you can keep their kids busy and happy after the christening. Ask your event planner to pay extra attention to this.


Why hire a Personal Photographer?

Memory is tricky, not to mention that life can be quite unpredictable. Having a professional personal photographer in your family event will permit you to actually enjoy the whole process. First of all, you will be in front of the camera and not behind it. You will have extra time to talk to your guests. And last but not least, you will be able to concentrate on your child.

On the other side of the coin, Event Planners and Vendors, need to have high-quality photographs for their portfolio. A great picture can easily communicate a brand’s work and services. Nothing can compare with a professional photo shoot. The photographer will take care of all the details and will boost the authority of a brand.


Event Planner: Peony and Porcelain Events
Floral Design: by Edem
Venue: Island Art & Taste



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