Beautiful & Inspiring Brides

15 Jul Beautiful & Inspiring Brides


Brides walk like angels to the arms of their life partner. They leave behind their single life willing to create a new family with their better half. Brides are the salt of the earth.

Being located in Greece I have the opportunity to perform many wedding photography sessions and meet many brides, in different wedding destinations inland but also in islands. Each bride has her own unique beauty. But all of them have one thing in common… unconditional love that sparkes into their eyes! And that is the secret element of making a wedding photography portrait outstanding!


She Said Yes

I am so happy for having the opportunity to hear brides talk about their dreamy wedding captures and how they imagine their life to be after their marriage. These precious moments with them bring out all the true emotions of a bride.

When they share with me how he popped up the question and how they felt when they said yes, that’s the moment which I know what photography style will be perfect. This intimate moment is the invitation to a bride’s secret world. This bond of trust is unbreakable, especially if the bride and groom decide to perform and a couples boudoir photography as a wedding gift to themselves!

My photography camera is the media that helps me tell a couple’s life story and protect memories from fading out. I am a memory keeper. Ready to freeze time and the beauty of life in every single click. Priceless moments that are the treasure of every wedding and can be shared with loved ones in the future to come. But if a bride does not trust me, then the couple won’t trust the photographer.

The moment she said yes, her new role of taking decisions that affect two lives began! As it seems women are destined to rule the family with their intuition and their strength to face the unknown with grace and silent courage. If anyone doubts that, please stay next to a woman when in labor.


Bridal Secrets

To find true love at first site is a dream for many people… For a woman is a matter of the heart. When they find the one, women know it from the first date. Just everything makes sense and all second thoughts stay silent.

It is no secret that true love happens when you least expect it. You got this za za zu feeling of life celebration with absolutely no effort. When two people share a sense of genuine joy and their happy giggle creates a loving atmosphere around them, you know that this is true love.

They constantly laugh together like dancing birds and they uplift people next to them with their positive vibes. A warm feeling of kindness is radiating from their faces when you look at them. And they tend to enjoy the little things and notice all beautiful details of life… as if wisdom is a side effect of a heart in love. All my brides had been a proof of this magnificent power of love.

From time to time I recall all of them but I treasure more their unforgettable smiles. Only if you have seen a bride full of love you can understand that mankind exists to wow women.

Now, look at your bride and admire her beauty. Her wedding dress and all the wedding preparations are a celebration of her love for you. Only you!

Brides make our world a better place and fill our lives with grace, kindness, love, and hope. They deserve all our admiration and adoration!


History of Brides

Fortunately,  women have changed the terms of their bridal role with their power and their financial independence. The etymology of the word brides origins from old English Bryd “bride, betrothed or newly married woman,” from Proto-Germanic *bruthiz “woman being married” (source also of Old Frisian breid, Dutch bruid, Old High German brut, German Braut “bride”), a word of uncertain origin. Source:

In the old years, a bride was just a new asset of the groom’s family. She belonged to the family in a sense as if she was kind of a talking object.  In ancient Indo-European custom, the married woman went to live with her husband’s family, so the only “newlywed female” in such a household would have been the daughter-in-law. And she was obliged to follow a certain set of duties such as cooking and brewing, cleaning, giving birth of many children as this likely was the daughter-in-law’s job.

Today a bride dressed in her white wedding dress is something more than just a fashion style decision. This wedding dress is made by the fight of millions of women that have sacrificed their lives so next generations of women could be free to choose who they will marry and how they will experience their marriage. It is an act of freedom to be the bride you want to be.

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