Colourful Wedding in Volos | Phaedra + Vaggelis

13 May Colourful Wedding in Volos | Phaedra + Vaggelis

Wedding in Volos

Phaedra and Vaggelis colourful wedding in Volos made me discover and love this fascinating city all over again.

Volos is blessed with countless colours and a unique location. It was once the ancient Iolkos, the city of the Argonauts. It is a city that stays with you long after you have departure… People are warm and always ready to welcome visitors… It is in Thessaly, at the foot of Mt Pelion, having the Pagasitic Gulf on its feet. The combination of all natural green shades of the nearby forest, next to the sea is charging you with an unforgettable feeling and positive energy.


Wedding Photography

When I first met Phaedra I immediately felt her passion for life and genuine laughter. We went for a cup of coffee to get to know each other a little bit better and discuss all the details about the wedding photography session. From the beginning, I realized how much down to earth, original and full of light Phaedra was. She told me about her plans, what she considers important and how much family means to her and her spouse.

Phaedra and Vaggelis decided to hire my services because I concentrate and give all my attention to catching the important moments of a wedding. Candid moments that we want to grasp for the meaning they have. True moments that we want to remember and share with the significant people of our lives. They welcomed me into their special day as if we were friends for a long time. This gave me the advantage to capture the authenticity they wished.


Destination Wedding Volos

Volos is such a beautiful city for a wedding backdrop. Having the wedding ceremony in a church by the sea and being surrounded by family and friends is all you ever need on your wedding day… During the wedding, the couple was in such a good mood. Both of them were stress-free and not even a minor mishap with the wedding dress could stop the positive energy and good feelings from pouring freely during their day and night.

They decided to drive from the church to our portrait location by bicycle. It was quite a distance and they enjoyed every moment of it while strangers were waving and wishing them for their wedding! The old train station was our backdrop for the portrait session and they didn’t stop for a moment laughing and expressing their love for each other.

I really adore when my couples feel so free and genuine in front of my lens. This means that they will have for years to come photographs that will want to look at forever and enjoy sharing them with family and friends.


Wedding Photographer in Greece

Although I am located in Athens of Greece, I have the pleasure to travel not only in the Greek Islands and the mainland but also all over Europe. Being an established wedding photographer for more than 10 years has given me the opportunity to visit numerous places.

Wedding photography has the privilege to create a special bond between the couple and the photographer. That bond is nurtured through one element: genuine communication.

The day of your wedding will be one of your special moments in life. The feelings will be intense and you will always remember them. The most secure way to transfer these feelings to friends that will not be able to attend your wedding ceremony or even to your children and grandchildren is to choose the best wedding photographer for that day.


Your Wedding Storyteller

By choosing a photographer who will stand by you on your wedding day, remember that you are hiring a person’s services that will be with you the biggest part of your special day.

  • Be sure that the photographer you are discussing with, will be the one that will provide the services.
  • Reserve the date months before your wedding so you will have the time to get to know the photographer through meetings or Skype meetings if a person-to-person is not possible.
  • Talk openly with the photographer and explain in details how you imagine your wedding to be, some specific moments you expect to see in the images, try to explain the way you imagine the atmosphere. In this way, the photographer will begin to grasp your needs and you will feel more secure that he/she knows what you have in mind.
  • Ask the photographer if it is possible to provide a pre-wedding shoot. This would be the best opportunity to get to know each other better, to discuss details, to talk about what to do and what to avoid… It is also an opportunity for you to do a rehearsal in front of the camera lens, not to mention that you will have beautiful photos that you can use as your thank you notes, or even in the wishing book for your guests to sign.

The wedding photographer is your personal storyteller. Remember that there is one major pillar to built this relationship:


Only through communication, you can feel secure that your photographer has understood completely what is really important for you about your wedding. Allow the photographer to express all the aspects of how your wedding will be best captured.

The way you experience your wedding is completely different from the way it is perceived through the photography lenses. A professional wedding photographer knows how to make these two ways meet in the middle and produce the best result. The photographer will “catch” in the best possible way the emotions on your special day.

For sure, what you need on your wedding day is less stress. So, choose wisely the perfect photographer not only on an artistic level but also on a communication level. Live your wedding day to the fullest and let the professional photographer create the memories that can warm your heart every time you look at your wedding photo album.



Wedding Photography: Fiorello Photography
Wedding Planner: Imagine studio by Kelly Galanou
Wedding Video: Ariadni Papanastasiou
Jewels: Fay Papanikou
Wedding party location: La petite Cantine




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