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Couples Boudoir

Couples boudoir photography beautifully captures the romantic and sensual side of love that a couple shares and wishes to save a memoir of intimate moments for themselves.

Boudoir photography is a major part of portrait photography but the sessions are running in a private space or in a bedroom or even a studio. Especially, couples boudoir photography are focusing on the erotic chemistry between the couple but in a more suggestive manner and with less nudity.


Boudoir Photos

Being in front of a camera might be, per se, a difficult task to perform. You get totally conscious about yourself and every little insecurity that one might have, have a little party in your head.

You might even suppose that during a boudoir photography session things might get even worse. This is not the case. Because boudoir photography is a special moment that you get for yourself. You get to show your true inner beauty and your sensuality with pride and confidence.

It is a bespoke experience that you are allowed to show your real self. You might be romantic, sensual or even suggestive. I am going to be there to witness the authentic beauty that you want to express.


It’s All About You

Yes, that is correct! Boudoir photography is all about you! You are the star of the day! All it matters is your perspective on your life, your body, your desires and dreams.

Before the actual photography session, we will have a coffee together and we will talk for long. That is a promise! I want to know you before my camera meets you. I want to hear your ideas, how you have imagined your intimate boudoir photo shoot.

I am here to hear you out. Tell me how you feel with your body. What you love most and for which parts you feel very proud. But mostly share with me your shy points. Those are the ones that you will love after you will get your boudoir photos on your hands. I shoot from your perspective but with my eyes and camera! You will be amazed by your body, the way your lover does!


Couples Boudoir Photography

Couples boudoir sessions are for every couple. Young, mature, heavy, skinny, curvy,  same sex … the only thing that matters is the love you share and your desire to capture it. To click on the time and grasp the moment of affection between you and your partner. Stand in front of the camera as if you are facing a mirror.

Your love story, your internal jokes as a couple, that intimate feeling as you hold hands… these are part of a couple boudoir photography session. You have the amazing opportunity to be reminded of that every day with images that are created just for you. Share your special connection and make the feelings come true and alive on every single shot.

Couples boudoir take time to evolve in a more steamy atmosphere.  It starts with your most comfortable and sexy outfits – even jeans if that works for you – and progressively layers are fewer and when finally, you are both comfortable enough, then it will be as natural as drinking water to be photographed in your undeis. You set the pace, only you!


Frida & Thabo

Two lovebirds that were not shy to express their affection. This wonderful, minimalistic villa was the perfect backdrop for their shooting. The light, pastel colours matched their airy moments full of happy smiles and teasings. You can always spot a couple in love, no matter of the age … the familiar touch, the special look for each other, the secret smiles that are only for one another…

These are the fine details that a photographer is looking at a boudoir session. The special mission is to let the couple be free of any inhibitions and let it express the love and the affection. To be forever imprinted on film … like their love for each other …


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