Anastasia + George | Civil Wedding in Athens

This civil wedding left an impression on me. I have a soft spot for beautiful civil weddings that have a certain charm!  Anastasia and George decided to do a winter civil wedding and invite their closest family and friends to celebrate with them. The ceremony took place at the impressive building of Athens’ Town Hall, which was built back in 1874… so much history!


Civil Wedding in Athens

Anastasia took care of all the little blue details and the ceremony went perfect! After the wedding we went along with the couple for some portraits in the beautiful National Garden, which showed us its wintery side… it was late on January but we even saw a blooming almond tree!

The couple celebrated their special day on one of the most scrumptious corners in Athens: Cookoovaya restaurant. Amazing food, perfect wine, beautiful wishes, and sparkling eyes full of emotion… nothing beats that! Anastasia and George, I wish your life to be full of beautiful surprises and happiness!


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