Daphne | Christening in Varkiza

This Christening in Varkiza was a day to remember and the pictures are here to prove it. The day of acquiring your name is a really special one, especially for one’s family that remembers it the most… Everything was handmade… favors, decorations, witness pins… In the end, an amazing smoothie bar and an ice cream stand saturated our thirst, while the photobooth kept the younger guests happy! Daphne’s ceremony was so beautiful, sweet, chic, and full of light… like the life, I wish her to have…


Christening in Varkiza for Baby Daphne

First of all, congratulations on this special occasion! We understand how meaningful and significant this day is for you and your little one. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event that marks the beginning of your baby’s spiritual journey, and it’s filled with so much love, joy, and blessings. You’ll have all your family and friends gathered together to celebrate and shower your baby with love and prayers. We believe that capturing these precious moments is truly priceless. Don’t you agree?

This Christening in Varkiza is living proof that memories can last forever and ever! Yes, Christening Photographers are kind of magicians!




A Once-In-A-Lifetime Occasion

The christening day marks the beginning of your baby’s spiritual journey, filled with love, hope, and blessings. It’s an occasion that brings families together to celebrate and cherish their newest member. A professional photographer can turn these ephemeral moments into lifelong treasures, making the day truly unforgettable.

Entrusting a professional family photographer with this task ensures you receive breathtaking images captured with precision and expertise. Armed with a keen eye for detail, they skillfully navigate various lighting conditions and settings, leaving no candid moment unexplored. Perhaps the most enchanting aspect of christening photography lies in the ability to capture candid moments brimming with genuine emotions. These fleeting instances of joy, love, and tenderness weave the narrative of the day, and a skilled photographer has the finesse to freeze them in time.

Collaborating with a pro photographer allows you to craft a personalized photoshoot that speaks to the uniqueness of your family. Whether you wish to incorporate your own cherished props or create a theme resonating with your heart, the result is an album of one-of-a-kind, heartwarming images. It will be a precious gift for the future… Imagine your child, years from now, looking back at these photographs, adorning a smile as they witness the love and happiness that surrounded them on this momentous occasion. These images transcend time, becoming cherished family heirlooms to be shared with generations to come.

A storytelling photographer possesses the innate ability to connect emotionally with the event, understanding the significance of this day for your family. This emotional connection allows them to capture the essence of every precious moment with a depth that reverberates in each photograph.

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