Romantic Wedding in Plaka

Getting married in the neighborhood of Gods

08 Dec Romantic Wedding in Plaka

Wedding in Plaka

Making wedding plans to marry in Greece? Book your wedding photographer only after you see this Romantic Wedding in Plaka.

Plaka is in the center of Athens and most Athenians prefer to call it Old Athens or Old City.  Why? Because is part of the oldest sections of Athens. Greece is the ultimate Destination Wedding but Plaka is THE destination for a Romantic Wedding downtown Athens. In Plaka, the visitors can walk through the oldest neighborhood of Athens, and admire unique buildings from various historical periods.

You may have heard it with the name “Neighborhood of the Gods” because it is built on top of the residential areas of the ancient town of Athens and under the shadow of Acropolis. And it was a pleasant surprise for me to find out this young couple, loves Plaka as much as I do. Having met them through a dear friend, we communicated effortlessly and start talking about their wedding day photography plan as if we were friends all our lives.

That is the big secret behind successful wedding photography albums: communication and great chemistry.  If you look really close you will find the hidden gem of trust between them and their wedding photographer. How can you spot this bond? Just look at them one more time… they feel safe in front of the photo camera and are relaxed as if they are all alone.

This can be achieved only when the photographer has a certain set of skills and the experience to capture the moments without disturbing the privacy of the couple. The photographer walks like a silent shadow but always on point and ready to witness the magic of your wedding day. That’s the main reason why you should always choose the best photographer for your wedding. Use your mind and listen to your heart.

Romantic Wedding in Plaka

Under the Spell of Plaka

The wedding ceremony was held in the oldest Church of Athens, The Church of Agios Nikolaos Rangavas. It stands there since ancient times. It was built in the second half of the 11th century, near the Anafiotika neighborhood of Plaka, the church was part of the estate of the Rangavas family.

Having a Wedding in Plaka is a lifetime dream for many and for a good reason. Greece has majestic scenery for weddings. Follow the myths and you will be amazed by the beauty… Let yourself free to enjoy your wedding ceremony and wedding reception afterward.

There is no doubt that Greece is offering numerous and amazing backdrops for an unforgettable destination wedding photography. Theodora & Vasilis wanted to share their wedding day with their friends and family.

As you can see this loving couple paid attention to all the details of their wedding. They organized everything with great taste and their special day had it all… Love, happiness, joy, family, tenderness, devotion, trust and dreams for their new life ahead as husband and wife. All I could see was a blooming happy couple full of pure love.


Destination Wedding Photographer in Greece

Being located in Greece I have the opportunity to perform many wedding photography sessions in different wedding destinations inland but also in islands. Each location has its own unique beauty. The element that transforms wedding photography is the bond of love into the couple’s eyes.

I am so happy that through my lens I have the opportunity to capture life moments and true emotions. My photography camera is the media that helps me tell a couple’s life story and protect memories from fading out. I am a memory keeper. Ready to freeze time and the beauty of life in every single click. Priceless moments that are the treasure of every wedding and can be shared with loved ones in the future to come.

The beauty of weddings is the reason why I chose to become a wedding photographer: to witness all the authentic moments and being able to capture them for you to remember. I want to show through my images you how precious your story is, how beautiful you are…

I want to become the storyteller of your wedding and let the important people of your life see the beauty, the passion. To portray the excitement, the joy, the magic… the dreams and wishes that come true on your wedding day!

I am driven by love for beauty and real emotions. Being an active storytelling wedding photographer for more than 10 years keeps me always on the road for photography adventures.

Fiorello Wedding Photography now is booking for 2020-2021! Jump into my contact page and save the date to get my camera on your big day.



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