Your best friend on your wedding day: your photographer!

13 May Your best friend on your wedding day: your photographer!

The day of your wedding will be one of your special moments in life. The feelings will be intense and you will always remember them… but what is the most secure way to transfer these feelings to friends that will not be able to share your moments or even to your children and grand-children?

How can you reconnect to those moments again? The simple answer would be through the photos and video…
However, there is a bigger question that follows that easy answer:
How can a photographer who you chose for his artistic look, his aesthetics, his style but you see for the first time in your life, can capture the most important feelings? How can a stranger depict truly those special moments? The ideal would be for your best friend to be behind that camera… but unless he is a professional photographer, this can be a risk, not to mention a total disaster.

There is however, a way for you to feel secure according this matter:
By choosing the photographer who will stand by you on your wedding day, remember that you hire a person’s services that will be with you the biggest part of your special 24h day.

– Be sure that the photographer you are discussing with, will be the one that will provide the services and somebody else that you will not meet.
– Reserve the date months before your wedding so you will have the time to get to know him through meetings, even through skype meetings, if a person-to-person one is not possible.

– Talk with him and explain in details how you imagine your wedding to be, some specific moments you expect to see in the images, try to explain the way you imagine the atmosphere. In this way, he will begin to grasp your needs and you will feel more secure that he knows what you have in mind.

– Ask him if he could provide a pre-wedding shoot. This is a unique opportunity to get to know each other better, to discuss details, to talk about do and don’t… It also an opportunity for you to do a rehearsal in front of the camera lens, not to mention that you will have beautiful photos that you can use as your thank you notes, or even in the whishing book for your guests to sign.
The three most important thins to take note are:


Only through that you can feel secure that your photographer has understood what that important things on your wedding day are. Allow him to express how he imagine to capture your wedding let him free to “catch” in the best possible way the emotions on your special day. Let him photograph in his own creative way the feelings, the moments, the important parts…

For sure, what you do not need on your wedding day is more stress. So, choose wisely the perfect for you photographer not only on a artistic level but also on a communication level. Live your wedding day on the fullest and let the professional photographer create the memories that can make you smile or even let a tiny little tear of emotion fall…

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