Your support means everything

Postpone don't cancel

19 Mar Your support means everything

Postpone Don’t Cancel

We live in a difficult state of uncertainty worldwide. For this reason, communication is as significant as ever.  Let’s see this situation from a new angle… You can always postpone your plans and set new dates!
In this light, as Fiorello Photography, I would like to assure my clients that I and the rest of the vendors that are involved in their weddings, we are here to help you as best we can. If you are considering postponing your wedding for another date, in 2020 or 2021, contact your wedding planner as soon as possible to make the most of it under the circumstances.

Do not cancel your wonderful wedding. Postpone for another date and hold on to hope.
It will not be an easy year for anyone, but together we can defend and create something new and more durable again. As a team, we can work together to reduce the complications as much as we can. Feel free to contact us and talk about this!

I will personally communicate with every couple I work with to find the best solution for everyone.
The situation in Greece remains under control, as the government took drastic measures early and will proceed with caution as needed.

On a personal level, I remain optimistic. My relatives in Milan remain under strict quarantine and my family in Greece is voluntarily confined at home. I understand the anxiety of everyone and my thoughts are with people who have lost their own people because of COVID19 but also with those who are at the forefront of dealing with this crisis. I believe that if we do not belong to this group it is our duty to obey and remain safe and secure, not only for us but for the world community as well. The financial threat seems great but life will show us the way to go on. Once the solution is found, we will be able to rebuild everything we need.

Until then, stay safe and keep your spirit up!



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