A female divine sense in lace | Photo-shooting wedding gowns

A true story of romance and authenticity

Wedding Gowns

One of the most essential elements of weddings is Wedding Gowns. Divine handmade dresses that can make brides look magnificent .

Have you ever ask a bride to describe her wedding day? They usually start by the point they found the perfect wedding gown. Wedding dresses are designed to be ethereal and poetic, soft and romantic, sensual and bohemian, vintage-inspired and whimsical… they are destined to make girls happy!
This is why photo-shooting wedding gowns is so special for me as a photographer.

Crochelle atelier

Maria Triantafyllou, the inspirational woman behind the brand is a talented and authentic personality. Her wedding dresses are mesmerizing, whimsical, filled with romance and freshness. Handmade laces, details of knitwear, transparencies, volan features, are all part of the elegance and chicness that one can found in Crochelle’s wedding dresses. A bride can feel free in a dress like that. She can feel like herself, free to move and enjoy her extraordinary day. Lines that respect female curves and nature.  Quality materials that embrace the female soul and silhouette. If you are an ethereal bride, Crochelle is the right atelier for you.

Photo-shooting the wedding gowns

When Maria and myself got together to photoshoot her collection of dresses and wedding gowns, I was happy to discover that we were on the same path. A simple, yet beautiful and ethereal background was the ideal for our project. Free movement, fresh poses, elegant jewellery, modern make up and hair style: everything was organised to the last detail to show the contemporary bride that delicate and romantic is not necessarily outdated and boring. It’s full of freshness, uniqueness, and sexiness to the right level. In other words it is full of personality, the bride’s personality.

Enjoy your wedding dress

The last 10 years I have taken pictures in countless weddings and I have reached to this conclusion… Pick a wedding gown that makes you feel happy and free to be yourself. Follow your better judgment and although it is easier said than done, try not to surround yourself in the latest wedding fashion trends. Your wedding is exactly that: YOUR wedding!

Make sure you look like yourself on your wedding day. Let nothing or anyone to urge you to copy the latest fashion trends. You want a wedding dress that will speak loudly that you are in love and ready to jump into your new life, with the person you have next to you. Don’t lose sight of who you are or what type of bride you want to be. When you are going to look at your wedding photo album, on your 20th anniversary, all you will want is to admire the happy and radiant bride in her astonishing wedding dress. And still, find the dress fabulous!



Capture the magic

Being located in Greece gives me the opportunity to perform many wedding photography sessions at different wedding destinations inland but also on islands. Through my lens, I have the pleasure to capture life moments and true emotions.

My photography camera is the media that helps me tell a couple’s life story and protect memories from fading out. Photographers are memory keepers. Ready to freeze time and the beauty of life in every single click. Priceless moments that are the treasure of every wedding and can be shared with loved ones in the future to come.

Live your wedding day to the fullest and let a professional photographer save your precious memories for you.

Wedding photography, both in editorial and real life, must include the couple vibes, the ceremony, the theme, the details, the decorations, the reception, the venue and the landscape in a way that all blend together and create a vivid wedding story. And all that with great quality and consistency.

Remember that what you need on your wedding day is less stress. So, choose wisely the perfect photographer not only on an artistic level but also on a communication level. Live your wedding day to the fullest and let the professional photographer create the memories that can warm your heart every time you look at your wedding photo album.



Photography: Fiorello Photography
Wedding gowns: Crochelle
MUA & Hair: Joanna Domazaki
Jewelry: Tonia Makri    She and She