A story for the end of the year

There is always a bright side!

31 Dec A story for the end of the year

About this Story…

Storytelling Starts With Words

Even though I am a visual storyteller, I will tell you a traditional story on this last day of the year and of the decade. After all, storytelling starts with words, then becomes feelings and later on transforms into pictures!


Once upon a time…

In the year 1970, John got married to Maria, his summertime sweetheart who was only 19 years old. He felt that he need to do it as her family was kicked out of the country they lived in. They were of another ethnicity and the regime did not allow strangers in the country. Maria within a month renounced her born in nationality and married John so she could stay with him. They’ve created a family and when the regime fell, Maria’s parents returned. All reunited, they’ve created a beautiful life together…

The happy couple lived their lives together for more than 40 years. Life was bringing happy and not so happy moments but they conquer them together!

But, we all know that sometimes life has a lot of turns and spins and makes us a bit dizzy and before we know it we end up in a different direction than the one we had in mind. Well, a few years ago life did get a bit heavy on this couple and they decided that each should from now on follow a different path.

They were not happy with the decision but who says that grown-ups can always see what is the right thing for them?


The story goes on

In the year 2019, on the very last day of the year, John was enjoying a cup of tea with his children and grandchildren. They were in a beautiful winter garden when he remembered that he was in the exact location where he had lost his wedding ring more than 30 years ago when he visited this beautiful garden with his wife Maria.

He then promised her than when he would find the ring, he would ask her to marry him one more time! He let a tear fall on his face and continue to play with his grandchildren…

After a couple of moments, a young, beautiful and dark-haired lady approached them holding something sparkling in her hand… She said to him that she had just found a ring and asked every table in the garden if they owned it, without any luck until that moment. John asked to see the ring… He slowly read the inscription on it: Maria 21/02/1970 Always

He looked at that young woman with gratitude and gathered his strength to mumble Thank you!
John smiled at his children and took off…. He knew exactly what he should do!


A small note from the author

Although this is only a story, it contains some biographical features, taken from my family’s history…

I dedicate the story to my sister that she did find a wedding ring on the last day of the year, in a winter garden, that was inscribed with the word Maria and a date. It turned out that they were searching for this ring since Christmas day!

I also dedicate it to all of you that do not lose hope no matter what the circumstances are! You are my hero!



I hope that the new year that is about to knock on our doors will bring you health, joy, creativity… Be kind and smile, be optimistic and enjoy every single moment of it, never lose faith and be strong!


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