Dreams are not cancelled

When the time is right we will share together your magical moments

Till Then Stay Safe

We want to thank all the brides & grooms that have chosen to set new dates for their weddings, later in 2020 and some in 2021. We really appreciate your trust and support! But till then, stay safe and stay healthy!

During this unprecedented and insecure times, the feeling of discomfort and uncertainty might be overwhelming. It is only human to feel like that as the messages around us are difficult to handle.
We will conquer this difficulty by sticking together and staying home. We are apart but together in protecting our families and friends and keeping each other’s moral high. It is the time for humanity to rise in front of this challenge but this too shall pass.

Although, our plans might have been annulled and our everyday life is maybe transformed in an extreme way, not everything is cancelled: planning for the future is not cancelled, love is not cancelled, magical moments are not cancelled, hope is not cancelled. Good things are still ahead of us and all shall pass. The time will come for us to enjoy a walk by the sea as the sun will caress our faces, we will again feel the touch of a friend holding our hand and the warmth of their hug. Joyous days partying all together and enjoying each other’s company are in the near future.


Keep dreaming

Keep dreaming as here in Greece we will be ready for you to welcome you with open arms and a warm smile. Freedom is uniquely connected with everything Greek and the time will come for you to enjoy it: the clear waters, the blue sky, the good food, the hot sun, the relaxed moments…

Your wedding will happen and you will be surrounded by your loved ones and the positive feelings will all be there. Keep the hope alive, as the day is not very far away. But… Till Then Stay Safe!

I must thank my sweet couples for taking the opportunity and postpone their wedding days for 2021. They preferred the solution of re-scheduling their day in order to be sure that they will live their perfect wedding moments with all their family and friends, as they imagined it the first time.


Till Then Stay Safe

Love is not canceled! When the time is right, together we will share your magical moments and we’ll celebrate life and your love! Till Then Stay Safe!