Astonishing Wedding Chapels in Greece

Wedding Chapels

Get inspiration from these astonishing marriages at Wedding Chapels in Greece and find fresh ideas for your wedding destination and photo album.

Getting married in Greece, on a faraway island in the middle of the Aegean Sea, under the candle lights inside a chapel is a dream for many soon-to-be-married couples. Greece provides a huge variety of wedding destinations in mesmerizing locations with wedding chapels, that could bring out the romantic side even to people that dislike romantic weddings.

As a destination wedding photographer for more than 10 years, I have seen this happen quite often. Couples that were planning to have a minimal and modern theme wedding, they have changed everything, the moment they set their eyes to Greek Wedding Chapels. I can not explain it… maybe is the sunset, the deep blue waters, the Aegean aura, the people, the summer vibes… love and inspiration can move mountains!

Finding the right wedding chapel is equally important with finding the right wedding dress and photographer. You will only have one day and one opportunity to experience the big day on the best terms. Just think carefully… if you choose a tiny wedding chapel but your guests are more than 50, then most of them won’t be able to share the happy event with you. They will be out of the wedding chapel… Who wants that?

Astonishing Wedding Chapels in Greece


Agios Mamas, Spetses

There are not many times that I remain speechless. But this time, having to capture the wedding of an amazing couple of Stephanie and Christopher, enjoying the one of a kind island of Spetses and being part of an amazing team, left me in awe.

The couple had their stylish wedding in the beautiful little church of Agios Mamas, near the port of Spetses. It was decorated in such an elegant way and all details were taken care of by My Best Wishes Events. Summer is hot in Greece but nobody got thirsty! The ceremony, simple and full of sentiments left us all with a little tear of happiness for the couple that just got married…

This warm chapel was built to honor Saint Mamas. A ship that was carrying grape-must was shipwrecked about 100m from the shore, on the name day of Agios Mamas. The captain of a ship was saved and built the church in gratitude, using must instead of water.


St. Fokas, Paros

Paros: an island for relaxing vacations, beautiful beaches, frenetic parties… and some more: an excellent location for destination romantic weddings, like the one of Ioanna and Dimitris… The fishing boat of Captain Zeppos was the chosen way for the bride to reach the beautiful church of St. Fokas straight to her beloved… The amazing blue of the Aegean, white flowers, sea breeze, kind words… what an excellent way for a loving couple to start their common life?

The couple had their Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony right on the entrance of St.Fokas and of the port of Paros. However, Agios Fokas is one of the sweetest churches on the island – away from the noise of Parikia and surrounded by the Aegean sea on both sides. You actually have a beach at one side, and some cliffs diving into the sea on the other. As a backdrop, you have the breathtaking Greek sunset at the top of the Aegean Sea.

Today in Paros there are 450 churches, of which 150 are in the city or villages and the rest are chapels in the countryside. In Paros you will meet some of the oldest chapels in Greece.


Stavros Church, Tinos

Evgenia and Giannis’ heart-warming traditional Wedding in Tinos, took place in the Stavros Church. It’s a gorgeous scenery coupled with the traditional Cycladic architecture, a truly dreamlike scene!

Tinos is famous for its Churches, but few people are familiar with the astonishing wild beauty of its small, far away little Chapels of the island. On the Wedding day, a nice summer breeze was keeping us cool. The horizon was full of Cycladic colors and I couldn’t wait to start photo shooting their special day.

This unique Chapel of the Cross, in the old Harbor of Tinos, is literally built part of the sea.  Right next to the little white church are the ruins of an ancient port used by the Venetians.

Although I am a Wedding Photographer for more than 10 years, every single time I feel the excitement of the first day… something is coming over me and I get in their shoes… I feel like a part of their soul. Maybe, that’s the reason why so many brides and grooms – after their wedding – refer to me as an old family friend.

We connect! Their wedding photography albums are full of memories, not just photographs. It is so touching, when couples say to their friends, that their wedding photographs look like a magical fairytale.


Agios Ioannis, Mykonos

The wedding day began with a beautiful summer weather and a sea breeze that Mykonos is so famous of. Everything was in place and the happy couple’s preparations started… I really admired their coolness and relax feeling that all had. It is not often that such a cool couple decided not to let stress to get into their way of enjoying their special day. And this should be the rule!

As a wedding photographer, I say to all my couples “Until the wedding day comes you have done all possible for everything to be perfect! Everything will be perfect! and if not, it doesn’t mind… it will feel perfect nevertheless. So enjoy your day all the way!”

This is what Betty and Thomas did. The ceremony took place during the perfect golden hour of the day, at the picturesque little church of Agios Ioannis and then all guests were driven to a private estate at Aleomandra. The breathtaking view of the Aegean, the sun setting and the oh-so-fresh Mykonian breeze were and an excellent introduction to a party.


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