Inspirational Wedding Shoot at Nasioutzik Museum

06 May Inspirational Wedding Shoot at Nasioutzik Museum

Inspirational Wedding Shoot

An inspirational wedding shoot can help couples decide which wedding style is the best choice for their Wedding Day and which vendors can provide them a great wedding experience for their special day.

All the details and the moments of a Wedding Day are precious and belong to the dearest memories we have. Months before the big day most of the couples begin to research and organize all the aspects of their wedding. In order to decide which wedding theme or what kind of wedding style is the best fit, they look at several magazines and websites to get as much information as possible.

As you can imagine the entire wedding planning process includes endless listings about almost everything. Wedding decorations, wedding dress and outfits, shoes, invitations, flowers, menu combinations, hairstyle, makeup, tableware, venue, transportation and accommodation arrangements, the reception, wedding favors and last but not least wedding photography and videography.


Wedding Editorial Photography

At a wedding editorial photography session, experienced professionals dedicate time and energy, in order to provide their expert opinion on how to set a certain wedding concept with the best results. That can save a lot of time, energy and reduce costs for the couples that are trying to organize their upcoming wedding. The main mission of a wedding style photo shoot is to provide free pieces of advice on how to set a wedding theme correctly, where to look for the best options in the market and who can guide you to this challenging but yet beautiful experience.


Wedding Shoot at Nasioutzik Museum

The Nasioutzik Museum is located at Spata, near Athens. George Nasioutzik acquired the Estate in the early 1970 s, upon returning to Greece after living in various countries all over the world. With great imagination, he placed all his beloved collections throughout his home to admire and be admired by all. Some of the most noteworthy items of his personal collections are his Orthodox Christian icons and religious artifacts dating as far back as the 14th century.

Throughout the years, additional wings were built onto the mansion and today a museum stands within the home, which displays some of the most remarkable items reflective of Byzantine history and Orthodox Christian art.  In addition, George Nasioutzik’s personal art and artifacts collection consist of 18th century Tsana Kale pottery, antic kilim carpets from all over the world, traditional handmade wooden chests, old books-some of which belonged to Prime Minister Theotoki, and various folkloric art pieces. These collections are of the largest and most impressive private collection of their kind.

This astonishing historic venue and the concept of this inspirational wedding photo shoot were the reasons that made me accept with joy, Tsveta Christou’s proposition to photograph this wedding editorial concept. When shooting a styled session for the couples to be inspired for their wedding day, it is important to have by your side vendors that are willing to take the extra step and create something wonderful and unique. When I saw the team and the venue, I knew it was going to be something extraordinary.

The location and the excellent scenery can take your breath away. The olive trees that symbolize strength and hope, stand still and watch time pass by with patience… next to the unique pieces of art. How can one not be inspired by these elements?

George Nasioutzik was a passionate traveler and a collector of precious antiques from all over the world. Rugs and carpets from Asia Minor, hand-carved chests from the Aegean islands, rare Bukhara from Uzbekistan, authentic woodcarvings, a rare collection of 18th-century Tsanak Kale ceramics, invite visitors to follow the collector’s itineraries and discover the treasures from other civilizations and cultures.


Destination Wedding

At an editorial wedding photo shoot, everything is carefully organized as if a real wedding is happening. The team members can reach more than 10 people and the planning could take several months before the actual photo shoot. To capture and set an idea takes a lot of time and quite an effort from all the people involved in each project.

Tsevta Christou Weddings and Events Team paid attention to all the details. She is an expert in the planning and production of weddings, corporate events, baptisms, private parties, galas and of course destination events in Greece. She is committed to ensuring that every aspect of the wedding celebration reflects the couple’s own personal style.

The wedding dress by Needle  &  Thread was stylish and elegant, letting body movements express smoothly and gracefully. The hairstyle and makeup by  Elena  Panou were carefully chosen to enlight the bride’s characteristics. Floral decorations by Pavlos  The  Flower Workshop were perfect for this inspirational wedding theme. How not to mention that stationary and invitations by Twenty2twins Creations impressed me. The wedding cake design by Pavlov’s  Lab looked like a work of art. And all furniture rentals by Stylebox, alongside with the exceptional tableware by  WHITE  LILAC, added the styling details that made this wedding editorial photo shoot one of my favorites!


Photographer’s Point of View

A professional wedding photographer will never let you see how much work is behind a lovely wedding photo. Will never put pressure on you. Will let you enjoy your Wedding Day and will vanish any turnovers that may occur. Will only concentrate to capture the perfect wedding moment.

With respect to the personality of the individuals in front the camera, will edit the moments to the point of excellence and make you feel safe in front the photography camera. Silently will adjust your dress or unwrinkle the pants, make sure that the light is from the right corner, will let your friends and family dance without interrupting them and finally will be there for you & your spouse.

Wedding photography, both in editorial and real life, must include the couple vibes, the ceremony, the theme, the details, the decorations, the reception, the venue and the landscape in a way that all blend together and create a vivid wedding story. And all that with great quality and consistency. Wedding editorial photo shoots can clarify if a photographer’s eye is the one for you.



Photography: Fiorello Photography
Event  Planning  &  Design:  TS  Weddings  and  Events
Wedding  dress:  Needle  &  Thread 
Invitations  &  Stationary:  twenty2twins.creations
Floral  Design:  Pavlos The Flower Workshop
Cake:  Pavlov’s  Lab
Tableware:  WHITE  LILAC
Furniture  Rentals:  Stylebox
Makeup and Hair:  Elena Panou Makeup artist
Venue:  Nasioutzik  Museum


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