Konstantina + Christian | A pre-wedding in Old Athens

What an amazing pre-wedding in Old Athens for so many reasons!

Old Athens has a certain charm… a je ne sais quoi of a kind that makes you want to walk all day in its narrow streets and lose yourself in another era. This neighborhood is Konstantina and Christian’s favorite when they visit Athens, and so they planned their wedding to be nearby.

They met in romantic Paris and lived in charming Germany… Our walk, during their pre-wedding session, in the neighborhood of Plaka was full of beautiful memories and amazing plans for the future… I hope your life is full of happy moments and a lot of love!


Pre-Wedding in Old Athens

I have a soft spot for couples that want to have a pre-wedding in Old Athens. Why? Because Old Athens is an absolute gem for capturing your love story.

How not to love Old Athens? Everything is mesmerizing… the narrow winding streets, cobblestone pathways, and ancient architecture that oozes history and charm. Old Athens is like stepping into a time machine and getting whisked away to a bygone era. It’s a place where romance and tradition blend seamlessly, creating the perfect backdrop for your pre-wedding session.

As a wedding photographer, I can’t help but get giddy thinking about all the incredible shots we’ll get to capture. The vibrant colors of blooming flowers against the aged stone walls, the soft golden light that bathes the city during sunset – it’s a photographer’s dream come true!

But it’s not just about the visuals; Pre-Wedding in Old Athens has a certain energy that’s hard to put into words. It’s a place where love stories have unfolded for centuries, and you can almost feel the whispers of the past as you wander through its streets. From the iconic Acropolis to the hidden courtyards tucked away in secret corners, every nook and cranny holds a story waiting to be told.

Imagine strolling hand in hand with your partner, exploring the quaint alleys, and stumbling upon unexpected surprises at every turn. You might encounter a street musician serenading you with a romantic melody or stumble upon a bustling local market where vibrant fruits and aromatic spices tempt your senses. These spontaneous moments will make your pre-wedding in Old Athens truly magical.

And let’s not forget the locals! Greeks are known for their warm hospitality and infectious zest for life. You’ll encounter friendly faces, hear joyful laughter, and maybe even get caught up in a traditional Greek dance or two. These candid interactions will add an authentic touch to your photos, capturing the spirit of the city and the love between you and your partner.

My dear soon-to-be-weds, if you’re looking for a pre-wedding session that combines history, romance, and a touch of adventure, Old Athens is the place to be. Let’s create stunning memories against the backdrop of this ancient city, preserving your love story in photographs that will make your hearts skip a beat for years to come. Cheers to love and the beauty of Old Athens!