Airplants & Coral Sculptures Wedding at Athens Riviera

An oh-so-chic design for a stunning wedding

Airplants & Coral sculptures Wedding

I have seen so many beautiful weddings covered in blooms, during my 12-year career as a wedding photographer. Blooms that take your breath away and carry you inside a fairytale to celebrate the love of two people coming together as one. Although blooms are always a magnificent choice, certainly it is not the only one. A couple can show their style and personality through the choice of flowers and plant decoration. Certainly, in this case, this oh-so-chic selection of top notch plants and flowers is creating a unique atmosphere along a spruce colour palette of blue, grey and sage green for this classy airplants & coral sculptures wedding at Athens Riviera.

Unique coral sculptures & elegant greens and flowers

Tillandsia Xerographica, Niobe Protea Serruria, Prickly Pears, Eucalyptus and wild flowers are some of the distinctive greens and florae that were masterfully crafted together to create a luxurious and rare character to a wedding by the sea. All the greenery complemented exceptionally the art de la table pieces creating for the guests an inviting and yet so exclusive backdrop. To the later, a unique element was the master ingredient: vintage coral sculptures on top of the table, each one of a kind, chosen carefully to remind us the splendour and uniqueness of the aquatic life. An element so stylish and uncommon that will create opportunities for some interesting talks around the table. After all, art and nature are the best reasons to chat.

Classy colour palette

Hues of blues, greys, off white and sage green are endowing a wedding day with so much elegance and sophistication. Especially, when all those stunning colours are expressed with abundance of talent on the printables, the choice of tableware, on the newlyweds’ details, even on their bridal ware.
Luxury is in the details and nobody can say the opposite when looking at that exquisite bridal gown, made by fine lace and embellished with little crystals that magnetize rays of light and create a striking effect. Alongside the bride, an elegant groom standing in his off-white brocade fabric suit with mao collar, an image with such a distinctive identity.
Of course, a lush wedding such this, could not be without its own monogram: a tailor-made design element that brings everything together, and sets the tone of the wedding stationery. Not to forget the chic tableware that are so characteristic and the crystal glasses and candlesticks that let the light and colours shine through them: a touch of luxury, fit to this wedding setup. Little features of style and individuality can be found everywhere in this wedding, like the decoration on this gorgeous wedding cake and of course the tiny splash of colour that the soup offers so gallantly on the table.

Athens Riviera

Stretching from the southern suburbs of Athens to the southernmost point of Attica, the matchless location of Athens Riviera is an astonishing backdrop for a wedding. Along the coastal line, a couple can discover impressive blue beaches, picture perfect pedestrian streets, venues to dine by the sea, buzzing clubs to enjoy themselves along with their loved ones, and luxury hotels to experience in the best possible way their stay to one of Europe’s most striking capitals: Athens!

Intimate Wedding Styled Shoot

Nowadays couples want to break the rules of classical wedding concepts and are searching for daring professionals to support their dream wedding concept. The new modern weddings are throwing away the rulebooks of what is an elegant & luxury wedding. More and more couples are redefining their destination wedding goals and only the pro wedding photographers trust the creativity & vision of young people. After all, only by breaking the rules you can have outstanding results!

As a hybrid wedding photographer for more than 12 years, with numerous real weddings & styled shoots in Greece and all over Europe, I have come to the conclusion that life can be surprisingly inspiring when you let imagination take over the driver’s seat.

It’s more than just a trend seeing couples daring to have a luxury elopement wedding in Greece, Italy, France, Malta, Spain, Switzerland, and in so many other amazing wedding destinations. Lately, I meet with many couples that want to live the experience of a more private wedding day. Instead of inviting hundreds of guests they choose to have a tailor-made luxury intimate styled wedding and live their magical love story under their terms.

This wedding styled shoot is dedicated to all the couples that want to separate themselves from what is commonly known as an “ordinary wedding celebration” and invest into their own pleasure to have an extraordinary wedding day. For those hopelessly romantic in the heart but brave enough to stand out from trendy waves, luxury micro wedding is the answer like this Airplants & Coral sculptures Wedding at Athens Riviera.