Dimitris + Elina | Breakfast in Bed at Imaret, Kavala

Inspiring Couple Boudoir Photography Session

Breakfast in Bed Photoshoot

Surprise your better half with a private Couples Boudoir Photoshoot with the theme “Breakfast in Bed just for us” session and be the hero of the day!

A happy young couple having breakfast in bed photoshoot at one of the most romantic hotels in Greece, at Imaret Historic Hotel in Kavala, is the best way to start the new year. Don’t you agree?

We are in the middle of Winter but there are so many reasons to plan & organize a private couple’s boudoir photo session with your better half. Needless to say, that it’s the ultimate Valentine present and surprise for the love of your life. And we are only a few weeks away from Valentine’s Day!

A couple’s boudoir photoshoot is perfect for people that wish to have a lasting gift of a fine art photography session with a professional photographer. Later they can hang the photo on their wall and admire the beauty of their love.

Boudoir photography is a branch of the fine art portrait photography in a more intimate nature. Usually, it’s done in a bedroom or even a studio and focuses on the chemistry between the couple but with less nudity.


Breakfast in Bed – Couples Boudoir Photography

Why have a couple’s boudoir photography? But for your own pleasure and to celebrate your love!

Couples boudoir sessions are for every type of couple. Young, mature, heavy, skinny, curvy,  same-sex … If you want to capture it then you are perfect.  The goal is to capture the special connection you have.

How it’s done? Well, we prefer to start with your favorite outfits on and gradually take off one piece at a time. When you both feel comfortable with what you are wearing (or not wearing…) then we’ll keep taking photos for as long as you feel safe.  You set the limits of what goes! The goal is to capture your love under your own terms and shades.


Say I love you at Imaret Hotel, Kavala

After you visit Imaret Hotel you will agree with us. There are few places like this, where history, art, style, and elegance meet in such a poetic and dreamy way… Once you pass the front door you will feel that you travel through time and Sehrazat will be just around the corner.

This wonderful breakfast in bed photoshoot was powered by Fiorello Photography & Inspired Moments Event Planner in Kavala. Are you curious about the rest of the Fine Art Wedding Photography Session? Here you can enjoy the Wedding Styled Photoshoot and the wedding reception. 



Fine Art Wedding Photographer in Greece

I am so happy that through my lens I have the opportunity to capture life moments and true emotions. My photography camera is the media that helps me tell a couple’s life story and protect memories from fading out. I am a memory keeper. Ready to freeze time and the beauty of life in every single click. Priceless moments that are the treasure of every wedding and can be shared with loved ones in the future to come.

I want to become the storyteller of your wedding and let the important people of your life see the beauty, the passion. To portray the excitement, the joy, the magic… the dreams and wishes that come true on your wedding day!

I am driven by love for beauty and real emotions. Being an active storytelling wedding photographer for more than 10 years keeps me always on the road for photography adventures.

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