Evdokia | Christening in Old Athens, Plaka

This Christening in Old Athens made me love my city all over, again… You can put the blame on the sun but mostly to Evdokia’s sweet smile! Evdokia is one of the sweetest little things I have ever met and photographed. She was so full of smiles, joy, and of course a girly attitude that every girl who knows what she wants has!

Her christening in Old Athens, Plaka was full of colors and fun! The church is one of the oldest in the area and perfect for a christening as it has a beautiful yard, where family and friends can spend some time enjoying each other with some cold lemonade under the hot summer sun of Athens. Evdokia I wish only joy in your life!


Book A Professional Photographer

As you bask in the love and joy surrounding your child’s christening, allow me, as your professional photographer, to relieve you of any worries about capturing these precious moments. Having a professional photographer by your side ensures that no heartfelt smiles, teary eyes, or joyous embraces go unnoticed. After 15 years of experience, I understand the significance of this day, and my expertise lies in preserving every emotion and detail, making it a timeless keepsake for generations to come.


Parents, Listen to Your Photographer!

Please keep in mind these 5 guidelines for your child’s christening:

Be Present, Be Yourself: Your child’s christening is about love, unity, and togetherness. Embrace each moment with your loved ones and let us capture the candid magic that unfolds.

Feel the Joy: Let go of any inhibitions and allow yourself to feel the joyous emotions of this day. Your genuine smiles and happy tears are the most beautiful moments to capture.

Connect with the Scenery: Anavyssos offers a breathtaking backdrop for your child’s christening. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty around you and trust us to frame you and your family in harmony with nature’s magnificence.

Include Your Loved Ones: Celebrate with your extended family and close friends. We encourage you to involve them in the photoshoot, as their presence enriches the memories captured.

Relax and Enjoy: Let us handle the technicalities while you savor the festivities. Trust in our expertise to capture the essence of the day.


Christening in Old Athens

Once again, this christening reminded us how important it is to trust professionals for all the big events in life. Having the best scenery for your loved ones, captured by a professional photographer will ensure that the memories will stay alive in a photo album.

It is so precious capturing those little but oh! so gorgeous details of a baby’s christening. Especially when they’re designed and handcrafted with such delicacy and beauty… Feel free to contact us for your family event! We would love to capture your precious memories for you!