Moa + Peter | A couple shooting in Sweden

A real couple shooting at the awe-inspiring scenery of Torne river

ICEHOTEL the original

Kiruna, the northest town in Sweden, is popular for its winter tourism as the main hotel there is famous all over the world. ICEHOTEL in Sweden is the original ice hotel made entirely out of ice and snow. Built from clear ice cut out from Torne river. Ice so pristine that looks like pure diamond. Every November and December for the last 30 years, the hotel’s cold parts are rebuilt at the empty riverbanks of Torne.  Sculptors filled them with art made by ice and snow. If you think you are brave enough, you are welcome to spend the night I one of its art suits in temperatures that reach -8 °C. All art suits have unique sculptures out of ice and snow that will melt in spring, as the rest of ICEHOTEL’s cold parts.
A couple shooting in this part of the globe is a unique experience. Nature has a inimitable character as snow is the main character in this story.


Torne river

Torne river is one of the most untouched rivers in Sweden. With its pristine, utterly clear, cold waters, ICEHOTEL takes ice from this river to build its cold parts. Huge ice plates are cut from the river to become walls, beds, benches… to become art! Immense, bigger than life artworks that let you be in awe.

But Torne river is not only that. Until spring time hits this part of the globe, the river remains frozen. A layer of think snow (that depending on the year can be up to 2 meters high), then a layer of ice (huge ice-blocks underneath the snow) and then icy cold water run peacefully underneath all those sub-zero, polar cold layers. If you are a tourist in the area you cannot understand that what you see is a river. However, if you take notice, this immense area of snow is completely flat, with not a single curve or a tiny little dent.
Torne river was about to become the backdrop of an amazing couple photography session.

Snowmobile ride

When I first rode the snowmobile, I did not know our destination. When we arrived, I looked around me that immense and utterly flat area and asked: are we standing on water? The answer was “yes”! We were standing on Torne river and a little tiny part of land that sticks above its waters during spring and summer. I looked the snow below my huge heavy snow boots and thought about the waters that were running few meters below…


Moa & Peter

Having a real couple to photograph in such a breathtaking setting is purely dreamy. This young Swedish couple were playing with one another and sharing their real feelings in front of the camera. This awe-inspiring scenery that Torne river offered us so openhandedly was something out of a fairytale.
I could ask for something else than to simply enjoy the images and imagine yourself a little bit out there, in -10 °C living the adventure of your life…


Couple Shooting & Portraits

At a Couple photography session, it is your unique chance to talk to me about the first time you looked at each other… the moment you got swept off your feet… your love story! Either you wish for a simple stroll around the city’s streets, or a walk at the beach, even if you wish for a small of bigger trip around Europe… We will take some pictures that will celebrate your love and you will cherish them for the rest of your life…

Couple photography sessions can have many and different concepts. It can be done in the comfort of your home, your favourite spot in town, or even your preferred European city. Once the backdrop is set then we start shooting your photographs.

Outdoor photography sessions may have some extra challenges but the natural light worths all the trouble. When a couple decides to have their personal photoshoot then the road is open for trying anything they want. It’s a unique experience and provides a huge variety of joyful moments! Let’s have an adventure together and create some memories!