Nensi + Teo | Romantic Wedding in Lefkada

Romantic Wedding

Lefkada is the hidden gem of the Ionian Sea in Greece. Having a romantic wedding in Lefkada was like a living dream for Nensi and Teo. Their love for Lefkada Island was at first sight.

There is no doubt that Greece is offering numerous and amazing backdrops for an unforgettable destination wedding photography. Nensi and Teo wanted to share their wedding day with their son Patrick, in their favorite island.

They organized everything, they packed and came all the way from Croatia just to be married in the unique scenery that the island of Lefkada has to offer. Their special day had it all. Love, happiness, joy, family, tenderness in front the greek big blue of the Ionian Sea.


Lefkada Wedding Destination

The couple found this ideal location for their romantic wedding in Lefkada, at the moment they first laid their eyes in this breathtaking pure greek scenery. In Ancient Greece, it is believed that the island was Homer’s Ithaca, and the palace of Odysseus was located west of Nydri on the south coast of Lefkada.

Lefkada’s amazing beaches, the wild olive groves, and the charming villages made everyone fall in love with this blessed island. Although it wasn’t always an island, Corinthian colonisers created a canal through the previous isthmus back in the 8th century BC.


Wedding Ceremony

Olive branches and wonderful roses decorated in harmony the wedding ceremony, in the heart of a relaxing big garden, facing the Ionian Sea. The wedding decorations in their stylish simplicity were stunning. Bride’s wedding dress made her look like she time-traveled from Ancient Greek Mythology. She was walking down the aisle looked like an Ancient Greek Goddess! Eros was there… whispering poems through the soft wind…


Wedding Memories

Having their son during the wedding preparation, the wedding day and the wedding celebrations afterward, added more emotional moments than usual. I have to admit that a child perspective in a wedding photography was an exceptional experience for me.

As a wedding photographer, I enjoy seeing things in a different angle. A child’s eye can be so inspiring! I am really thankful that I had this amazing family & wedding photography experience with them. Nensi and Teo were truly happy and deeply in love, and their son was there to witness their love. What a great gift for their child!


Wedding Photographer In Greece

Being located in Greece I have the opportunity to perform many wedding photography sessions in different wedding destinations inland but also in islands. Each location has its own unique beauty. The element that transforms a wedding photography is the bond of love into the couple’s eyes.

I am so happy that through my lens I have the opportunity to capture life moments and true emotions. My photography camera is the media that helps me tell a couple’s lifestory and protect memories from fading out. I am a memory keeper. Ready to freeze time and the beauty of life in every single click. Priceless moments that are the treasure of every wedding and can be shared with loved ones in the future to come.


Wedding photography: Fiorello Photography
Wedding decorations: EPK events
Bridal dress: Envy room
Grooms attire: Martin Arbanas
Wedding rings: Zlatarna Kociht
Location: Porto-Galini Seaside Resort & Spa