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Tips for Wedding Vendors

Being a wedding vendor at uncertain times like these is not easy. Now it’s the right time to share my tips for wedding vendors. The stress is real and we can all feel it. Almost every country has strict measures for gatherings and the wedding industry is taking a serious hit. As I stay in touch with the photography community I can feel the insecurity for the future and the financial impact that Covid19 will have on every society.

This fact can have a great influence on our moral and fear may take charge.


However, this is not the only way to go!

Even though things are not looking bright at this moment, I believe in keeping our truthfulness and taking charge to control the things we can and find comfort in. Social distancing might prevent us from progressing in the ways we are accustomed up to today, but there are alternatives that we can follow and keep our moral and physical strength with new positive habits.

This unsure era that we all go through does not come only with undesirable effects on our lives. There are certain hidden gems that we can grab and re-align everyday life on a reformed foundation. We are now given the gift of time that can relieve us in so many ways. Spending precious time with our family, taking upon those hobbies that we wanted so much to follow through but never had the time, re-thinking about our business strategy, networking with the community even doing those left in the side chores that stole time from the rest of our activities.


Some extra tips for wedding vendors

Make the best of your #stayinghome time

Have a routine. It’s ok to sleep in every now and then, but a routine will help you avoid ill thinking and stay active and energetic. Don’t forget to get dressed. It can help a long way in your moral.

It’s the perfect time to take care of your blog and social media. Use the work you have been hiding and present it to the world. Everyone is locked on their screens right now!

Don’t forget to check your numbers. Statistics, costs, P&L’s of the past period can help you form a new strategy and come up with fresh plans and packages for the next season.

Take on that seminar you didn’t have the time to do. The abundance of resources for freelancers is enormous right now. One can find online all kinds of webinars and helpful ideas for their business. Examine with a critical eye that is a fit for you and follow through.

Giving back to the community. Offer a special package to your fellow wedding vendors that can use for the future. Let them know that you have their backs in case they would need let’s say a brand-new business portrait for the after covid19 era.

Plan for tomorrow. Things will not be as gloomy as they are today. The solution will come and we will find new ways to enjoy life with our loved ones and progress through our work. Stay positive and scribble a list with optimistic ideas that will keep your spirit up.

Communicate with others! Technology is on our side. Use it to keep in touch with colleagues, friends, family members that are not living with you, even take up that mentorship you were thinking of. Create a supportive network for your emotional health and your business.

Volunteer. If you are not in the vulnerable groups that should stay at home then volunteer and offer help others like helping the elderly in your neighborhood, taking care of the strays or even foster one, offer administrative help to the Health system (many countries have special programs that you can enroll).

Read! Take some time off from the TV and social media and dedicated it to relax your mind and allow it to travel to alternate worlds through reading. Even if you have gone through your entire library (I know I haven’t), there are plenty of platforms to offer you some readings for free.

Exercise and eat healthy! Comfort food looks really welcoming right now, but the consumption of unnecessary elements like sugar is no good for any of us. Use the time you have to improve your cooking skills with healthy recipes that are given free online. Quite a lot of personal trainers are giving lessons and tips for this staying inside period. Your body and soul will be thankful once this is over and we will all be free to enjoy all the external activities and jobs.  For the lovers of yoga, like myself, I find this is a perfect opportunity to practice my meditation techniques.

Keep your humor! Keeping a responsible attitude during this outbreak does not mean that we have to be always strict and severe. Make some fun of the situation safely, watch some comedies or be a part of the social media funny frenzy. Humour is a vital device to use to keep our moral up!


We must remember that the most precious asset this moment is our truthfulness and humanity. There is only one way to go through a virus hit era and this way is TOGETHER. Every single one of us is put through the test and we must pass it by using our kindness, patience, and generosity.

Take care of yourself and treat others with consideration. Good times are ahead of us. The world will change and it is in our hands to make it a better one.


I will be on call for you. If you want to talk with someone because the uncertainty is too much, if you want to exchange future ideas or even want to chit-chat about irrelevant things, I am your gal. Drop me a note on my email or social media accounts and we will make it happen. You are not alone! Stay safe, #stayinghome