Stephanie + Christopher | Pre-wedding in Athens

This pre-wedding session had everything a wedding photographer wants: love, light, chemistry, communication and positive vibes! I first met Stephanie and Christopher through Skype, since they are from the beautiful island of Aphrodite, the goddess of Love and Beauty, Cyprus. Their amazing energy was apparent from the first instant and I know that we were a fit. Full of love for life, for each other…


Pre-Wedding Session in Athens

I could not wait and meet them a few months later, on the day of the pre-wedding shooting. They came to Athens to arrange all details for their wedding in Spetses and I saw the excitement on their faces! I managed to steal away Stephanie for an instant to show me her bridal dress and shoes… I am a sucker for shoes! So elegant but Christopher had to wait for their special day to see all the details. Customs were going to be kept, as they are part of a traditional Cypriot wedding even if it takes part in Spetses!

During their pre-wedding session, they were both so collaborative and truly amazing. I like to make my grooms run a bit but Christopher was such a sport with an amazing sense of humor! Stephanie was herself so elegant and sweet…
I really cannot wait for their wedding day in Spetses!

There are not many times that I remain speechless. But this time, having to capture the pre-wedding of an amazing couple, Stephanie and Christopher.  Since Stephanie and Christopher are from Cyprus we first met through Skype, and then we had the chance of meeting in person and discussing all beautiful wedding details during their pre-wedding photo session in Athens.


The Hidden Beauty of Wedding Photography in Greece

I understand that couples are not often very comfortable in front of a lens. As a professional photographer, I have a trick or two under my sleeve to make them feel at ease, but a spot that they feel comfortable being in, it absolutely helps!

We took our time, discussed details about their wedding day and let them be as a couple. Discretion is always one of my mottos, so I made sure to just propose or ask something and just let them be themselves and just enjoy the experience. After all, this is a professional wedding photographer’s goal: to create an experience for their couples and help them enjoy every session with them to the fullest!