Stephanie + Christopher | Pre-wedding in Athens

02 May Stephanie + Christopher | Pre-wedding in Athens

I first met Stephanie and Christopher through Skype, since they are from the beautiful island of Aphrodite, the goddess of Love and Beauty, Cyprus.
Their amazing energy was apparent from the first instant and I know that we were a fit. Full of love for life, for each other…
I could not wait and meet them few months later, on the day of the pre-wedding shooting. They came to Athens to arrange all details for their wedding in Spetses and I saw their excitement on their faces! I managed to steal away Stephanie for an instant to show me her bridal dress and shoes… I am a sucker for shoes! So elegant but Christopher had to wait for their special day to see all the details. Customs were going to be kept, as they are part of a traditional Cypriot wedding even if it takes part in Spetses!
During their pre-wedding session they were both so collaborative and truly amazing. I like to make my grooms run a bit but Christopher was such a sport with an amazing sense of humor! Stephanie was herself so elegant and sweet…
I really cannot wait for their wedding day in Spetses!


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