Anna’s maternity session

A maternity session is all about the unique moment during Pregnancy. It is one of the most sacred and amazing things a woman’s body can go through… The body changes, sentiments and thoughts are changing and a tiny little guest is taking charge of all of them and you are ok with that!

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience and every woman that goes through it should appreciate and love her body.
Anna is one of those women that believe in living healthy and thinking healthy as well, so when she asked me to do this session I was excited… and with a reason: I love how those photos turned out to be so full of love, beauty, light… life!
This pregnancy photography session took place one month before baby Elizabeth was born…


Sweet Maternity Session

The beauty of a maternity session brings so much joy into my heart! It’s always so uplifting to meet young couples that have fallen in love, got married and finally witness their first steps into family life through their first family photography session while they are expecting their baby. Although we call it a maternity session it’s actually a parenthood photo session because both mothers and fathers are part of the photo session.

It is imperative for me for the couple and especially the mother-to-be to feel safe and comfortable and I believe that the chosen environment will help them be at ease and unlock in front of my lens.


Pregnancy Photography Session

Such a sweet and tender time for a woman. An important part of the family and certainly worth capturing and saving over time. A pregnant woman is beautiful and vivid. She is the essence of life per se and that is important to imprint and create memories. Save the emotions, capture the anticipation!

A family photography session can help celebrate your pregnancy and reveal one day to your child the sweet memories, thoughts, and feelings the photos will save for your family.

A new baby is a new chapter for all couples and the best way to capture the happiness vibes is a maternity session in your home with your soulmate next to you!