Let’s Talk About the Art of Wedding Flat Lay

It’s the little things that matter the most


A wedding flat lay is a creative way to capture your wedding day’s smaller, personal details that might otherwise go unnoticed. It involves arranging various items on a flat surface and taking a picture from above. This setup makes each element stand out, creating a beautiful and cohesive look.

A wedding flat lay can include various items such as your wedding invitations, the bride and groom’s vow books, jewelry, shoes, flowers, and any heirlooms you’re incorporating into your ceremony. It’s also a great way to showcase your wedding theme or color scheme. You capture the essence of your special day in a single frame by including things like your wedding rings, a snippet of the lace from your dress, or even the perfume you wore.

This photography style adds an artistic touch to your wedding album and preserves the memories of the little things that make your wedding unique. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to remember the thoughtful details and the story behind each item, whether it’s a piece of jewelry passed down through generations or a special token of love shared between you and your partner.

Wedding Flat Lay Inspiration
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Wedding Flat Lay Inspiration

Creating a detailed and meaningful wedding flat lay is all about selecting visually appealing items with deep sentimental value. This thoughtful arrangement is a beautiful snapshot of your special day, encapsulating the essence of the bride’s and groom’s personal journeys into a shared future. For the bride, consider including elements like her veil, jewelry, and a snippet of the lace from her dress alongside the wedding invitation suite and a personal note or letter. For the groom, items like his cufflinks, watch, and boutonniere can be paired with the wedding program and vows.

After setting up and photographing hundreds of wedding flat lays over the last 15 years as a wedding photographer, I have created a list of must-haves that perfectly capture the essence of both the bride and the groom. Combining these elements tells a visual story of your unique personalities and unity, reflecting the love you share and the special day you chose to celebrate. This thoughtfully curated collection not only adds depth to your wedding album but also preserves the tangible memories of your day, allowing you to cherish these moments for years to come.

Save this list for your wedding day’s flat lay : 

  1. Wedding Invitation Suite – Full set including the main invitation, RSVP, and directions card.
  2. Both Wedding Rings – Engagement and wedding bands.
  3. Vow Books – His and hers, or personalized vow books.
  4. Bride’s and Groom’s Shoes – A pair from each for a stylish touch.
  5. Jewelry – Earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, and watches.
  6. Bouquet and Boutonniere – Elements from each.
  7. Perfume and Cologne Bottles – Scents chosen for the day.
  8. Tie and Bow Tie – Accessories worn by the groom.
  9. Pocket Square – Matching or contrasting with the tie.
  10. Bridal Veil or Headpiece – Elegant details of the bride’s attire.
  11. Wedding Program – A sample of the ceremony’s program.
  12. Love Letters – Personal notes exchanged before the ceremony.
  13. Ceremony Readings – A copy of a special reading or poem.
  14. Hair Accessories – Hairpins, tiaras, or clips.
  15. Wedding Favors – A sample of guest giveaways.
  16. Signature Drink Recipe Card – A touch from the reception.
  17. Fabric Swatches – From the wedding dress or groom’s suit.
  18. Garter – A traditional bridal accessory.
  19. Place Cards – Sample from the reception setting.
  20. Cake Topper – A miniature version if possible.
  21. Wedding Cake Sample – A small portion or replica in icing.
  22. Special Heirlooms – Vintage or family items incorporated into the day.
  23. Sheet Music – From a song played during the ceremony.
  24. Photographs of Loved Ones – Small photos to honor absent or late family members.
  25. Custom Cocktails Menu – If there are special drinks at the reception.
  26. Guest Book Page – A page from the guest book.
  27. Table Setting Sample – A mini representation, including a napkin, ring, or menu.
  28. Personalized Napkins or Coasters – Custom items from the reception.
  29. Wedding Day Timeline – A decorative copy of the day’s schedule.
  30. Champagne Cork – From the first toast as a married couple.

If you need more ideas and tailormade wedding flat lay combinations, contact me at monika@fiorellophotography.com


Wedding Flat Lay Inspiration
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Wedding Flat Lay Inspiration
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Wedding Flat Lay Inspiration
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