Family Photography Session in Lefkada

Family Photography

Enjoy this Family Photography Session in Lefkada and get inspired for your family photo album. Book Fiorello Photography for your next family gathering!

Being responsible for the Family Photography sessions for so many people has made very sensitive over the mission and the ethics of photography. Photographers have a sacred mission to keep family memories alive for the generations to come in order to nurture hope and origins.

I feel blessed that so many people had trusted me to be the medium of keeping their family memories alive. Photographers are carrying the responsibility of protecting the truth and the history of families.


Family Shoot in Lefkada

I met Daniëlle and Herbert a few years ago, when I had the great pleasure to capture their beautiful wedding. They both have Lefkada in their hearts and decided to say their vows in front of their family on this Ionian island’s shore.

Imagine my joy when they emailed me to tell me that it was time to have their first family shoot at the same place they got married: Lefkada! When I met their sweet daughter Viënna, she immediately greeted me with a lovely smile and that made my day.

We visit places that her parents went on their wedding day and the day after photoshoot. The photography connection had an easy flow and the island felt like it was embracing the new member of their family.

I was there and witness the starting point of their new life, on their wedding day. Now I was looking at them and the link was so vivid… between their lives before their daughter and after this shiny little girl came into this great family.


Personal Photographer

It is so touching for me to see families grow and I am so lucky to be there and depict their love and affection. Priceless moments that become valuable memories in our hearts and minds. This is the pure beauty of life. It gives the motive to capture the true essence of every family.

As a family photographer,  I witness the complete life cycle – starting with pre-wedding photo sessions, then photo shooting weddings, christenings, anniversaries – that is original because every family leaves its unique print. Happy faces and true smiles that imprint not only on film or digitally, but also in my heart.

Daniëlle, Herbert and Viënna thank you for sharing your moments with me. I wish for your smiles to be always as sparkly as that day on the island of Lefkada.


Family Photo Album

Creating your unique Family Photo Album takes time and a lot of loving memories. Invest this time and energy to find the best fit with a family photographer that will respect and honor your family. There is nothing more important in life than having a photo album to pass over to the next generations. All trees have roots, and the new branches are getting their strength from their roots. Family photographs ensure that every new member of your family will never forget their memories and family bonds.

Reach out to and book a date with Fiorello Photography if you want to set an inspiring family photography session and create your new family photo album. I am driven by love for beauty and real emotions. Being an active storytelling photographer for more than 10 years keeps me always on the road for photography adventures.

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