Gold + White Wedding | Styled photo-shoot

Working on a styled photo shoot is not an easy task to accomplish. Details have to be planned carefully, vendors have to be extremely organized, and every little detail has to be right on the spot, so that the result will be complete and give the desired inspiration to couples.

This shoot’s inspiration was colored derived: gold + white, a very chic and glamorous selection of shades that can give a wedding a very special character. All vendors in the team worked around every little detail around the theme, and the result was nothing less than spectacular!

Enjoy all details and let them inspire you for your wedding… everyone needs a little sparkle!


Wedding photography: fiorello photography
Florals, favors, invitations, styling: Style Concept
Bridalwear: Ourania Kay

Catering: Dipnosofistirion
Hair Styling: Nasos Asimakopoulos
Makeup artist: Maria Dimopoulou
Location: Laas Estate


Wedding Styled Photo Shoots

Are you getting ready to tie the knot and embark on a lifetime of happiness together? Congratulations!

Now, let’s talk about something that can add some serious sparkle to your special day: wedding styled photo shoots. Trust me when I say, they are like a magical time capsule that captures the essence of your love story in beautiful, tangible images.

Picture this: you and your sweetheart, all dressed up and glowing with anticipation, surrounded by your closest friends and family. The laughter, the tears, the heartfelt speeches, and the crazy dance moves—every precious moment frozen in time. That’s what wedding photography is all about. It’s a way to preserve the emotions, the joy, and the overwhelming love that fills the air on your big day.

Not only are wedding styled photo shoots a chance to create lasting memories, but they also serve as a treasure trove of inspiration for future couples. Think about it: you get to showcase your unique style, your love story, and your personality through stunning images. From whimsical outdoor ceremonies to elegant ballroom receptions, every wedding is a unique expression of love. And guess what? Your photos can inspire others to add their own creative twists to their special day.

Wedding styled photo shoots allow you to capture the smallest of details that might otherwise go unnoticed. The intricate lacework on your gown, the carefully crafted centerpieces, the first tear of joy that escapes your eye—these little moments are what make your wedding day truly extraordinary. They’re the moments you’ll want to look back on, share with your children, and cherish for years to come.

So, my dear soon-to-be-married couples, embrace the magic of wedding styled photo shoots. They capture the love, the laughter, and the essence of your journey together. Plus, they become a wellspring of inspiration for future couples, helping them create their own dream weddings. Let your love story be told through the lens of a talented photographer, and let those images transport you back to the most incredible day of your lives.