The Grooms Side of Marriage

Grooms Power

Do you think that Weddings were always so glamorous as they are nowadays? For a bride to stand next to her future husband, could have been the most dangerous moment of her life. Grooms had their brides, on their left side, in order to protect the Lady from any attacks, even during the actual wedding ceremony.

Grooms kept their precious love on their left side, next to their heart and had their right hand at the top of their sword, ready to fight for her and protect her from an offender. For hundreds of years, “marriages by capture”  was a dreadful nightmare for all brides-to-be.

You may say, that times have changed but wedding traditions are built on real needs and historical facts that have shaped the way we do weddings today. Now, look at your groom with a different eye. He is ready to give you his heart and offer his masculine power to protect you, with no second thought.


Groom’s Attire

Yes, grooms also need time to find the perfect wedding suit for the big day.  After all, it is their wedding, too! The new generation of grooms, pay attention to all the details of their appearance. The colour of the suit, the quality of the fabric, their shoes and belt and all the accessories that add eclectic style and give away their personality.

To my surprise, I have seen many grooms, handling their anxiety in silence and with a tremendous stamina. Grooms are human beings with real emotions, that may have moments of cold feet or stage fright, just like brides.

Few people notice a groom’s shaking hand or a glance full of agony but wedding photographers see everything. The photographer is the alter ego of the silent moments. Each click works like an unveiling formula of the deepest corners of a person’s mind. Wedding photography is partly fine art and partly documentary photography. That’s why wedding photography sessions are so personal.


Groom’s Room

All eyes are on the brides but grooms do have their moments of thunder. The groom preparation, his friends and family, all the moments just before leaving the house and the bachelor life – this is an Aha moment – and while standing in front of the church waiting for her. Personally, this is my favorite moment.

A true knight standing against the wind of unknown, ready to welcome his bride, open his arms and embrace his new life by trusting only his feelings of love. In my opinion, grooms are taking a leap of faith against the way that are raised. It is so common in many cultures for men to avoid the complete surrounding to another human being and let the doors open. So being there, waiting for you, against all the unwritten social rules, is an act of a courageous and in love man. Admire him, for that!

At a groom’s room, you will probably hear many jokes and strong teasings between friends. But you will be amazed at the dynamic expression of love and loyalty. Men love with all their heart and body as if Zeus had forgotten a tiny drop of his stardust power within their natural instincts. When men laugh, the earth shivers. And when they love, they will overcome all obstacles to be with their bride.

Grooms are grooming the noise from the surface and point out that the only thing that really matters in a marriage is the lifetime commitment. The “You & Ι” bond. And that is the grooms side of marriage.