Lebanese Wedding in Athens | Roula + Khaled

Lebanese Wedding

It was a beautiful day and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. So much love and tenderness gathered in one place. The summer breeze was soft and refreshing, keeping everyone cool and fresh. The family was preparing all the last details for the Lebanese Wedding of Roula and Khaled.

Waves of laughter of joy and happiness tuned like music all around. As soon as, the bride’s preparation finished, the groom’s family visited the bride’s house. There, for the first time her and his eyes meet. True love has a moving power that even mountains melt under its spell. Between their secret glances and their silent bond of adoration, I could witness their genuine love.

My camera was there, ready to accompany this couple from the separate worlds they used to live, into the mesmerizing new world of “we are together” in trust and good faith. My eyes shed a tear as my heart was touched by their true dedication and loyalty.  I hope that in the years to come, in their wedding photo album they will also see the beauty and the light around them. Two souls dancing with the stars, in their special day where they started their new life together as a couple. Khaled and Roula,  Husband  and Wife… The magic of Wedding.


Wedding Moments

As a wedding photographer, I am next to them, ready to protect their precious memories from fading out. I am here for them. Their wedding’s storyteller… As poets say: “Oh summer breeze, protect all lovers under your winds and let whispering trees keep their memories safe from time…”

Friends and both family members started to celebrate and dance with the couple. Later, all together we headed to Hatzi Mansion. The atmosphere at Hatzi Mansion has a special clarity, a very attractive “aura” and intense energy. It is surrounded by cobbled paths and an olive grove featuring 250-year-old sculpture-like trees, with flower beds and antiquated fountains.

The view was breathtaking and all visitors admit that it felt like a journey back in time, under the roof of this neo-Byzantine mansion. It is built on the top of the hill and it’s modeled on the large villas of Tuscany.

The wedding decorations were with high aesthetics and stylish.The wedding event was carefully and well organized by Rock Paper Scissors Events. The perfect dreaming setting for the celebration and for the wedding photographer, as well. The wedding dress and styling was so elegant and fabulous, that my camera couldn’t stop.

The wedding ceremony was held by a close family member, charging the air emotionally. Joyful and heart-warming words spread the feeling of love, making me weak at the knees. Everyone was happy. The newlywed rings on their hands, shouted out “hello happiness, welcome to my life”. As a symbolic gesture balloons were set free up to the unlimited sky.


Wedding Celebration

Lebanese Zaffe is a warm up for the wedding party, that got up everyone to dance… even the eldest. The rythm called everyone to the dance floor and the couple, dazzled and glowing, dived into the party with all their heart.Uplifted from their friends and new family. Previously, I was amazed at the synchronized female voices at the Zalaouta or Ululation,  an ancient tradition that originates from their roots. It is a loud high-pitched cry done by women as a way of expressing happiness and is traditionally performed at Lebanese Weddings. The incredible traditional drumming had already set the celebration on fire!

As an experienced wedding photographer, I have attended quite a lot of weddings, but never before such a vivid and amazing Wedding. Roula and Khaled, I wish you a prosperous and full of light life! May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy!

ألف مبروك للعروس والعريس على زواجهما السعيد.

(Free translation: Congratulations to the bride and groom for  their happy marriage.)

Your wedding storyteller


Wedding Photography: Fiorello Photography
Wedding Planners: RockPaperScissors Events
Wedding Videography: Alex Stabasopoulos
Wedding Venue: Hatzi Mansion
A big thanks to my second shooter for the day, Marios Valmas.