Love Letters adore Calligraphy

Love is better spoken with paper and pencil


So much is said about love… movies, literature, cards, letters, passion filled confessions, speeches infinite in sentiments, grand gestures that are witnesses for the happiness, the pain, the sacrifice… everything in the name of love!

It’s the emotion most treasured and at the same time most despised by almost every human being. It’s the emotion that we all want to experience, to live with… we hope that it will be reciprocated with sincerity and intensity. We want to love and be loved. Every day we desire that little word, that touch, that tiny act that will assure its presence… every day we await to get our lives enriched and fill our hearts.


Handwritten Letters

A way that I love to express love is handwritten letters. They hide a slice of ourselves, while we bestow the best part by trying to depict the intensity and the fierce sentiment that makes our heart beat faster and our stomach filled with butterflies.

Maybe it’s easier to let ourselves free this way, as a paper will not disapprove us no matter how many times we use the eraser, if we defer for a moment and the sure thing is that it will accept every single word that comes out of our hearts.

I keep every single handwritten letter or card that I’ve ever received because they are important to me. I recognize in them the friend, the loved one…



I have a tender spot for calligraphy and its artists. It hides so much history and artistry. Every great civilization had his own form of calligraphy that is known to our days: Byzantine, Roman, Arabic, Chinese, Egyptian are only a few of the calligraphy alphabets that one can find.

Calligraphy does not ought to be readable. It has to evoke emotions, to recite its origin and witness its rich history.


Calligraphy love letters

Handwritten love letters. As anonymous said, «…they’ll never be out of style».

Every single element is written with laughter, tears, happiness, intensity and passion… with every feeling that only love can incite. A valuable treasure that humble materials can create… just a white paper and a pencil can describe a sentiment so complicated and at the same time so simple: love.

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Photography: Fiorello Photography
Calligraphy: AMB Letters
Bridal Lingerie: Penky