Spetses | Top Wedding Destination in Greece

Spetses Wedding Destination

I’ve been to Spetses Island several times as a photographer for weddings. I have seen this island many times through the wedding celebrations. But never before I had the pleasure to discover the hidden beauty of this Saronic Gulf Gem. Only if you walk the streets you will feel the energy and the atmosphere of Spetses.

On this trip, the “Phos” Workshop was the reason for my visit. A photographer must invest in his/her professional and personal development as much time as possible. There is always something new to try if you are willing to go beyond your safe zone.


Workshop in Spetses

So I was in one of the top wedding destinations in Greece with some of the top photographers & instructors in wedding styling. And Spetses is by definition a location that adores the sun, the light… the Phos. Spetses has a very long naval tradition, and you can sense that from the architecture, the houses, and even how the people speak about their island. They are so proud for their contribution to the War of Independence back in 1821.

Every street is part of the History of Greece. The house of Bouboulina, the house of Hatzigiannis Mexis, the Church of Panagia Armata, the Cathedral of Ayios Nikolaos and so many other places to visit and fall in love.

Between the “Phos” Workshop courses the island seemed to unveil a more romantic side beneath my eyes. My camera couldn’t resist the need to capture the beauty and make time stand still. And then it hit me! During the workshop, I saw myself as a new photographer full of enthusiasm and thrilled with my occupation. I feel so lucky that I am a wedding photographer!


Phos Workshop

Now with all the new skills regarding wedding framing, concept photography and film photography, I just can’t wait to share with all of you the photographic journey in Phos Workshop and how deeply it changed the way I look at the reality around. It is true, that even small changes can alter our lives for the better! Don’t you agree?


About Phos Workshop

Justine Milton & Les Anagnou Photographers offered an amazing workshop in Spetses, Greece. Participants had the opportunity to learn about film photography, lighting, styling, marketing, getting their work published and so much more! Read more about the workshop on the official website: www.phosworkshop.com

In case you are wondering what Phos means, let’s share this with fine wine and good music. This word has its roots from the ancient Greek word phao: to shine or make manifest, especially by rays and it also means the light.


Workshop Credits

Workshop Organizer: @miltonphoto
Workshop Organizer: @lesanagnou
Event planner: @thinkhappyevents
Bespoke Wedding Stationery & Calligraphy: @paperocelot
Wedding blog and magazine: @magnoliarouge
Hand dyed silk ribbons:@songbirdsilk
Furniture rentals:@zazoo_event_rentals
Linens & tableware rentals: @white_lilac_rentals
Pastry chef: @pavlovs_lab
Flowers: @jimlabrako
Ring dishes:@marbelladish
Invitations: @atelierInvitations
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Location: @poseidonion