Wedding Celebrations + Parties

Wedding Celebrations

I love you to the moon and back, but please now let the party begin! Wedding celebrations are on!

Weddings are the celebration of love. But the beautiful parties after the weddings are the opportunity in which all your beloved friends and family are gathered to celebrate you and the new chapter of your life!

Of course, taking pictures during a wedding party is a must-do. All the images should depict the real atmosphere of your wedding day and your wedding celebrations… the big smiles, tears of happiness, joy and fun… moments that you will live and you will be able to re-live through the pictures. Fiorello Photography loves natural and timeless images where your unique moments are captured for life.


Wedding Parties

Parties… everyone is going to have a great time and dance ’til they drop! Especially in wedding parties, every guest has one more reason to celebrate the love and commitment of the newly-wed couple. Because they are happy for the new couple and the beginning of a new family.

From my experience parties are the moments all couples relax and are free to dance off the stress and tiredness of a whole year planning their wedding. Shoulders relax, smiles come naturally and feet are getting anxious to move until the early times of the morning.

My main advice for my couples is to enjoy their day. Sometimes, this is not completely attainable, but at the moment of the party, I see faces changing, moods lifted and hands coming together and grasping friends and family to get together to a dance of joy and love!

If bridal preparations are the moments to be emotional, ceremonies are the minutes to share the excitement and the beginning to a new life, then parties are the perfect opportunity to inaugurate and seal the love and express our thrill and enthusiasm.


Wedding Receptions

It is common to have a wedding reception or party after the completion of a marriage ceremony. The newlyweds show their gratitude and hospitality for those who have attended the wedding. It is the first official event for the new couple as husband and wife to receive society and attend their new roles in front of their family and friends. This is a-once-to-a-lifetime experience and definitely, you want to have amazing pictures of this life-changing event.

At the wedding reception, you as hosts, you provide the best of the menu, drinks, wedding cake, music, and dancing!  Do you think that entertaining guests after a wedding ceremony is an easy task? We all must thank the wedding planners in the world for making brides and grooms hosting duties a piece of cake.


Wedding Party Time

To my surprise, most guests seem to enjoy the wedding celebrations more the wedding ceremony. Guests throw themselves to the dancing floor with all their heart wishing to the happy couple at the top of their voices! I have attended countless marriages in Greece & Europe, as a destination wedding photographer and all type of weddings.

People are human beings that share in a similar way their feelings of joy, love, happiness and express their excitement by singing and dancing. Wedding traditions may differ from a religious point of view but celebrations are always the same whether you are getting married in Greece, Italy, India, Germany, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, France, Malta, Morocco, Egypt, Sweden or USA.

When the music starts then is dancing time in all languages! And the wedding parties can last for hours or days (in some cultures) or until the early next morning. Always are full of colors, singing, dancing, scrumptious cocktails, amazing food and full of energy from the newlywed couple and absolutely nobody sit down for hours!

The dancing vibes are so inviting that even me ( yes, me the photographer) end up dancing with the guests. After all, being part of a wedding makes you something like a family member.